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Three Basic Crime Prevention Rules:

Crime can occur anywhere and anytime but you can reduce the chances of it happening. Crime prevention is the key to stopping the ability and opportunity for criminals to act. The use of instinct, knowledge, common sense and awareness can make you a tough target for crime.

Therefore always remember to:
• Stay Alert.
• Be aware of your surroundings: who’s in front and behind you and do not get distracted.
• Walk purposefully, stand tall, and make eye contact with people around you.
• Trust your instincts, if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, leave.

Answering the Door
• Install a peephole or viewer in all entry doors so you can see who is outside without opening the door.
• Do not trust door chains. They can easily be broken.
• Do not open the door to anyone you don’t know. Insist that service personnel verify their identity before allowing them in.

Personal Protection
• Make yourself a “tough target”.
• Don’t think that it cannot happen to you.
• Should you resist? Everyone and every situation is different.
• Always be aware of your surroundings.
• Try not to walk alone at night but if you do, be alert and avoid dark isolated areas. Instead, walk out in the open, away from walls, alleys, doorways and pillars.
• Whenever you are walking or driving, determine the safest route before you leave. Take the longest route if that is the safest.
• Tell friends or family members where you are going and with whom, and then let them know when you arrive at your destination.
• Have your keys ready as you approach your house or vehicle.
• Do not enter environments where you feel unsafe, trust your instincts.
• If being followed or stalked, call 999, walk, run or drive to the nearest police station, place or business, or a crowded area.
• Know your physical capabilities and limitations.
• Do not carry offensive weapons such as knives, they may be used against you.

If you Suspect you are being followed

• Cross the street on the side of the road.
• Go immediately to the nearest well-lit or populated area.
• If others are within hearing distance, turn to the person following you and say in a loud and assertive voice “stop following me!”
• Contact the police immediately – go to a house or store and call the police or flag down a taxi and ask the driver to call the police for you.
• If the person following you is driving a vehicle, take out a pen and paper, write the registration number, other particulars if possible, and make sure that the driver sees you do this.

If you are attacked

• Stay as calm as possible, think rationally and evaluate resources and options.
• Try to remember the features, complexion, body build, height, weight, approximate age and type of clothing worn by the attacker. If possible, write down the information while it is still fresh in your memory.
• It may be advisable to submit than resist and risk serious injury or death. Don’t resist if the attacker has a weapon.
• If the attacker is after your purse or valuables, don’t resist. If you can, throw your purse or valuable away, to distance the attacker from you.

Answering the telephone

• Do not give any information to ‘wrong number’ or any other callers unless you know who they are.
• Check references of any person calling about a survey of credit check before offering information.
• Hang up immediately on threatening or harassing calls and don’t give any information.
• It these calls persist, report the matter to the police. Take note of the number if not hidden, dates and times that calls are received.



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