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Drugs Found

About 8:00pm on Sunday the 1st of July 2007, a routine patrol conducted by the St. Lucia Coast Guard, observed suspicious activity in the area of Praslin Bay and Dennery. Further investigations led the Coastguard to intercept a local fishing boat, the persons on board having unloaded several packages on the beach.

Police subsequently recovered several packages from the beach, estimated to be in excess of 100kg of controlled drugs to wit “cocaine”

The persons on board the vessel managed to escape and the owner of the boat subsequently reported that it had been stolen from Dennery earlier that evening. The boat is described as a white pirogue, named “God is the Way”.

In a separate incident later that same evening, police officers from the Micoud Police station discovered further suspicious activity in Praslin Bay and subsequently recovered two packages containing controlled drugs to wit “Marijuana” that had been landed by a small fishing boat. On this occasion the boat and persons on board escaped.

Officers from the Drug Unit are conducting further investigations into both incidents and anybody who had information that may assist in the enquiry is requested to contact them at telephone number 4563934





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