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Update on Drugs found in Moule-a-Chique!!!!
The Southern section of the Police Marine Unit hauled in an unusual catch during a successful ‘fishing’ expedition. At 10:43 pm Saturday 30th April 2005, one of the Unit’s patrol boats spotted a suspicious vessel just off Moule-a –Chique, Vieux Fort.

The Patrol craft called on the vessel to stop, but instead, the fiberglass fishing canoe named “Explorer” sped off into the darkness. The Police Officers however gave chase and were eventually forced to disable the engine of the fleeing boat. A total of 192.5 pounds (87.5kilos) of marijuana was found on board.

All five occupants were charged with Possession of Marijuana, Importation of Marijuana and Possession with intent to supply. They are:
1. Coressa Dane Foster 28 a vendor of Babonneau;
2. Dexter Vitalis aka ‘Marlon’ 29 (the boat captain) of Dennery;
3. Kervin Joseph aka ‘Jah Love’ 23 of Babonneau;
4. Alwin Cadore aka ‘Greensman’ 43 a Grenadian national; and
5. Saymoste Emmanuel aka ‘Poisson’ 37 of Dennery.
The Captain Dexter Vitalis was also charged with Refusing to Stop.

They appeared before the Second District Court on Wednesday 16th November 2005. Kevin Joseph pleaded guilty to the possession of the drugs and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Alvin Cadore was fined the sum of $350 to be paid forthwith. The charges against the rest of the persons involved were withdrawn.

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